Stable and Efficient
Powerful Load balance Single Server can boot up 200 Client PC
Hight Compatibility support Windows, Linux dual platform
Without ads in Client PC

Full function and more powerful

Reduce costs and save investment
Can effectively reduce Internet cafes hard drive investment, reduce electricity
costs, network management costs and other operating costs.

Deployment is quick and easy to manage
updating one client can achieve all the client system updates and maintenance,
completely solve the network management time

Diskless shield , restore protection
completely immune virus Trojan

Client local write cache Available
SSD Cache Available
Ram Cache Available


Vyntech Diskless  30 Days FREE Trial


Vyntech Diskless Business


Zero maintenance

Easy to maintain & All Online Games up-to-date daily

Standalone sync service

We provide sync tools, If you have few unit diskless servers you just need to install one AUTO UPDATE for standalone server

Hosting Service

Special for cyber cafe maintenance specialists
We help you host your own AUTO UPDATE center
Base on your Regional & Customer relationship


GU Game Auto Update 30 days Trial


GU GameAuto Update Business